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Lessons from Pete the Pony, Pete Plants a Garden!

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Collect all of Pete's stories and color your way through his journey with your


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Everyone is loving Pete! 

It came today and I was so excited to read it to my 4 year old son! As we read, he smiled, asked questions and even giggled a few times. It is great reinforcement for what I've taught him all wrapped up in the message of this little pony he could relate to! I am so grateful to the authors of this well written, fun, high vibrational book. My son went to bed with many positive messages

-Carita D

This immediately became my 6 year old daughter’s new favorite book!

We loved the encouragement that the characters showed each other!

-D Webb

Lessons from Pete the Pony is an engaging and exciting book for kids to read and learn about skiing! The story is cute and a great length for a bedtime story. The illustrations are fun and creative and I loved the different scenery as the ponies travelled to Utah!

With great messages about respect, manners, and a positive attitude, this is a fantastic book for kids!


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