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Join Pete the Pony on fun adventures that will make children of all ages smile as they learn about manners, kindness, gratitude, love, respect, and much more.

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Introducing Lessons from Pete the Pony

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SAVE $30.00! Looking for the perfect gift for your young reader? Look no further than Pete the Pony! The Pete the Pony Gift Pack includes all of Pete's books and a special stuffed version of Pete himself - a $105.00 value for just $75! Get your young reader inspired with lessons from Pete the Pony today!

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We love reading about what Pete is up to. His lessons are simple yet so important. Kids from preschool to 4th grade will enjoy reading about Pete.

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Collect all of Pete's stories and color your way through his journey with your

Free Trail Map!

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Lessons from Pete the Pony

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