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Built by girls for girls. 


Join the Girls  Club today,  and set your girls up for a thriving life! 

Girls Club Annual Membership is only $99!!!!!!

Our mission is to empower as many young ladies as we can with self-worth, leadership, life skills, and more! Join us today and let's plant as many seeds of positivity as we can! 

Our Monthly Online Evnets

 Each online event will be on the second Tuesday of each month.  10% of our proceeds go to the On Our Sleeves Campaign,

supporting children's mental health. 

Thanks for submitting!


Girl's Positive Vibes Club Monthly Subscription Box!

Only $34.95 mo

Limited quantity.Order by the 22nd of the month to receive the next month's box. Boxes ship on the 4th of each month. 

Our monthly Girl's Positive Vibes Club is designed to empower your daughter, granddaughter, or any teen or tween girl with self-care products, inspiring monthly activities, jewelry, spa- treatments, and a monthly essential oil. Planting seeds and habits in her life now so she will grow to be a strong confident, self-empowered women. Helping her avoid years of depression, anxiety, body image issues, and more! 

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Give her the tools you wish you had!  LEARN MORE HERE! 

Are you trying to give your tween or teen girl advice, teach her healthy habits,

and encourage her to practice self-care? But of course, she won’t listen!

Are you watching her struggle to love who she is, and

find positive outlets to guide her in this ever-changing world we live in?

Do you worry about her mental well-being, her emotional health?

Afraid her teen years will turn into years of depression, anxiety, and more? 

If your answer is yes to any of these, we are here to help!!


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