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Grab the All-in-One Pete Gift Pack:
8 Beloved Books and a Cuddly Pete Stuffed Animal Included!

With our complete gift pack, you'll have everything you need in one place. No need to search for individual books or worry about finding the perfect stuffed animal - we've got it all covered! Our exclusive gift pack includes the first 8 books from the beloved Pete series, along with a special stuffed version of Pete himself.

Only $79.99 ($105.00 dollar value) 

Gift Set

The Rocking P Club is an exciting community inspired by "Lessons from Pete the Pony," dedicated to spreading kindness, positivity, manners, and more.

It’s a club where kids can join Pete the Pony on a mission to make the world a

better place through small acts of goodness and positive behavior. Just sign up for our newsletter to join and start spreading kindness today! More information coming soon!

The Rocking-P CLUB

Pete the Pony Store

Have you BEEN TO Pete's YouTube channel?

where imagination and education come together

for a magical experience!

The Pete the Pony books are great! The illustrations are cute and original. The story lines are always gently telling children important things they should know about the subject material. The rodeo book has a few comical moments too with the best dancer moo-ves. Great touch! -Lexgirl

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Collect all of Pete's stories and color your way through his journey with your

Free Trail Map!

Purchase your copies of

Lessons from Pete the Pony

on Amazon.

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 Pete's Positivity printable. 

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