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Instilling Empathy into the Little Ones through Classic Story Books

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Reading for enjoyment has been demonstrated in studies by some of the leading experts to aid in the development of a stronger feeling of empathy in toddlers, as well as a variety of other interpersonal skills that helps them thrive in different social situations.

Reading fiction is a fantastic approach to help our kids learn and empathize with those around them.

Whenever our kids read regarding a particular character in the picture story books, they include an emotional reaction to that character, which can be positive, negative, or somewhere in between, and these reactions provide excellent preparation for when they meet and interact with people in real life.

They register and interpret how those characters are experiencing, thinking, and feeling about what is happening to them. The more they exercise those social skills, the better suited they are to interact.

Fiction helps you Connect, Empathize, and Grow with the Characters.

Researchers have indeed discovered that those who were swept away by the charm of picture story books filled with exciting stories and had the most empathy for a character in actual life exhibited more prosocial behavior. As a result, reading fiction not only improves our child's psychological intelligence but also contributes to improved temperament.

Youngsters are filled with more curiosity, joy and life. Their minds ready to learn, and their hearts filled with innocence and love. Story books are more than just a night time ritual, they are the seeds in which we have the ability to help grow and nurture. They are precious moments, that will bring you to tears when your child is all grown up and out of the house.

"Lessons from Pete the Pony" by Nikki Glandon is written enrich children's lives and help fill their tool box with essential life skills, such as empathy, connection and growth

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