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Pete the Pony is ONE!

One year ago, he introduced you to the herd, introduced himself to the world, and let’s say he took a leap...

All it takes is one dream, one vision, and one step in that direction to start. I have a vision for Pete the Pony, and it is to positively impact the lives of millions of children and adults.

A vision where we help supply our youth with the right mental tools to help navigate the world. To be kind, grateful, respectful, curious, brave, and have a positive mindset. To help grow and nurture each of their individual, unique gifts so they may live to their full purpose.

Giving them these tools helps PREVENT many of the mental health issues we see arising today. That is my mission. Yes, they will face challenges,

but challenges with the correct toolbox and skill set are much more manageable than without.

As Pete turned one, these pictures made me cry (go figure), but wow, what a difference a year makes, a dream makes, and taking a leap in faith. Seeing these books in the hands of kids his truly the most fulfilling experience I have ever had. Thank you to my dear friends + family

who with out question jumped in to support Pete.

Pete the Pony now has 7 books out, has sold 1000’s of books, and much more on deck and in the works. Pete has already changed lives, and for that, I am beyond grateful, excited and know everything is possible.

Thank you to all who stood by my side and still do to support this vision. Thank you for buying the books, for sharing my posts, and for telling others about Pete. Thank you to those who picked me up when I wanted to quit, who believed in me when I didn’t, who saw the vision and

understand the depth of its importance.

Because it starts young,it starts by planting the right seeds, right now.

So what is it you want to be celebrating in a year? Plant your seeds, water them, take the leap, and take action; you never know who’s

life you will change or inspire.

Thank you to everyone; it takes a village and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE!

With Love and always Happy Trails,

Nikki and Pete.

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