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Stories Today are Experiences of Tomorrow

Picture book stories are often overlooked for their significant impact on children and adults. Yet, they are the first seeds planted in our lives, many times guiding us on our paths.

Think back what childhood book made a huge impact in your life, does it still impact you today? Mine sure does.

We learn how a well-curated value system and emotions affect our decisions in crucial life events through different characters. All those times we consciously empathize with a fictional character, we laugh at their jokes, feel sad with them, and cheer up at their little victories; we grow. Kids grow.

So, we can rightfully claim that storybooks, for kids, are their first window to the outside world. You become a great storyteller and an excellent model as you take time to sit with your children to look at the books and passively talk about them, about the characters, situations and lessons in each book. Story time together is more than just a check list item but becomes a bonding experience as well as and opportunity to plant seeds so your child may grow to thrive helps and help strengthen the relationship with your children. - Reading stories and expressing them in their unique manner uplifts their confidence levels. Children who read well have a higher sense of self-assurance, creativity, and confidence. This will help kids at school, sports, and in all areas of their lives. They can participate in activities fully and confidently, significantly impacting their mental and emotional well-being.

- Introducing the impact and importance of life skills to the tiny tots. Kid's storybooks often teach youngsters basic skills such as brushing their teeth, caring for animals, cleaning, tidying, and preparing meals. Reading stories such as Lessons from Pete the Pony can also expand these basic concepts by adding more mindfulness + life value lessons such as gratitude, manners, kindness, a positive mindset, and respect for others.

They can help explain stressful situations or emotions. As well as plant seeds to help them move through life with more ease and grace. Fiction based on actual events can also help children cope with their own life experiences by demonstrating how diverse the world is and how different people's lives are from their own.

Even better about educating through stories is that it's an entirely natural process. It falls organically into their world as well as expands their minds and grow their creativity.

- They grow up as emotionally well-equipped individuals.

God knows the world can use more of that!

Reading stories with sentiments might help children understand and acknowledge their feelings. It teaches kids that they are not alone in their feelings and that it's completely normal to have a range of emotional reactions to certain events.

This also promotes a healthy space to express their emotions rather than bottling them up, which can be a tremendous aid as they move through life. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

You can get a sense of how a kid feels about particular circumstances and emotions by watching their reactions to the character's sentiments in the story, and how they participate with the story. As well as help them grow with many curious questions that may arrive throughout the story and beyond.

Every story has its beauty, planting seeds of the experiences we want for our kids because stories today make the people of tomorrow.

Planting Seeds Co.'s Lessons from Pete the Pony project aims to entertain our little partners while ensuring they have the best time out there in real life.

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