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The Rocking P!

Pete officially has his own brand,

If you know me, you know that these Pete books were not written in the perfect office where I sat down and just started typing. They were written in my truck while sitting in the mountains, by the river in which my journal is covered in water from my dog Rosco or on the back of my horse, trying to remember the story the whole ride. So it only makes sense that the Rocking P idea came together while driving through the beautiful Provo Canyon. It's the story behind the story...

See, each Pete story has characters that are real people or animals in my life. Waylon really is my horse. Frank is the wise old friend. Mary Legs is my friend's dear horse who passed away. Aunt Rhonda was my Aunt Rhonda, who is now an angel. Uncle Brian, yap, my bro.

Mom, yap, the herd leader and very wise, just like my mom.

And for Pete... he is the charter we all need. The one that reminds us all about love, kindness, bravery, and manners, the character that ignites the curiosity of a child and to live from Pete's values.

That is precisely what Rocking the P means.

It means that you see the world through the eyes of Pete. Which is filled with positivity, kindness, love, respect, manners, resiliency

forgiveness, bravery, and so much more.

As you move through your day today, how can you Rock the P and pass on the Lessons from Pete, the Pony?

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