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Why fairy tales are important …Child Development through Story time.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Albert Einstein once proclaimed, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

The massive influx of picture story books for kids today has been directed to uplift the young and bright minds of tomorrow. Parents prioritize their children's reading skills and sparking their passion for literature all year as this has been something that has been instilled in us for generations.

There’s a reason we have special days like international Children's Book Day (2 April) for highlighting the crucial role of children's books and authors and encouraging children all over the world to develop a regular reading habit.

communication skills is one of the most important skills that children are able to gain though the use of good kids picture story books. A child learns to interact by paying close attention to their parents and then imitating their words and actions. Also known as modeling. The more you speak, share and model positive behavior with your child, the sooner they will gain valuable life tools.

Reading is an excellent way to help your child improve their communication skills since it helps them build their language skills and introduces them inset a wide range of terminology, allowing people to interact with ease and clarity. Picture story books or animal story books are a great start to gradually sow the seeds of this habit.

As they get older, group reading gives a fantastic opportunity for dialogue, allowing a youngster to become accustomed to formulating and demonstrating their understanding in a comfortable and confident manner.

Story time with kids is also known to assist in the development of a variety of academic skills. Your kid will analyze your narrative talents as an early listener and learn to imitate them as their reading comprehension grows.

They'll learn how to capture a crowd with the tone, dialects, dramatic breaks, acting, and other techniques, and also the elements of great storytelling, including timeline and specificity. Besides how much do you love acting like all the different characters??

A child's memory skills will improve as a result of listening to you tell fairy tales and then learning how to read from the books themselves; We sure can recall the specifics of your favorite fairy tales as an adult. Due to the same reason we recommend using illustrations incorporated effectively into the classic story books.

They will acquire critical thinking abilities due to the relatable and lifelike animal storybook plots because they will follow the activities of the characters and see the repercussions of these acts, enhancing their awareness of the world.

fantastic adventures, intriguing realms, and exotic creatures abound in fairy tales, all of which feed young imaginations beyond the mundane.

Lessons from Pete the Pony, an iconic series by Nikki Glandon, captures the essence of the far-reaching impact of story time on kids. The animal storybooks for kids are written to bring real-life lessons to the bright and young minds in the most fun and creative manner.

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