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Book Activities

Pete Plants A Garden -2.jpg

Watch this short 5 minute video by SciHome Kids to learn how to easily grow your own plant at home! Pete loves working in the garden and likes to grow carrots - his favorite food!

Learn how you can easily compost food at home during this short informational video by SciHome Kids. Pete likes to compost and see how his garden grows with all the rich compost soil.

Pete Plants A Garden .jpg
Pete Plants A Garden -3.jpg

Want to go on an adventure with your very own home made compass? SciHome Kids shows you how in this quick video. Pete learned how to use a compass when he went camping and the scout leader taught him and his friends man outdoor skills.

Make your own cape part one! Make your own cape with in this quick video. 

Buy one Get one!.jpg

In this video, we'll show you how to use our "Make Your Own Cape Kit" to create personalized capes and masks for both you and Pete, from Lessons from Pete the Pony, Pete the Superhero" book, and make your own cape kit. Follow our step-by-step instructions to design your own superhero attire, complete with iron-on decals. Let's unleash our inner superheroes together!

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