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Nikki Glandon is an international best-selling author, Illustrator and author of Lessons from Pete the Pony, founder of Planting Seeds Co. and lives life with a child-like heart. She loves learning from and teaching with horses, storytelling, and

empowering our youth to live a positive life.

Nikki holds a certification in Equine Assisted Learning and a Psychology Degree from

Eastern Kentucky University. She believes stories are a wonderful way to inspire kids and adults to live with love, respect, and gratitude.


Dianna Glandon is, first, Nikki's mom, as well as President and founder of Above the Rest Balloon Designs. As a former teacher, her love for storytelling and creativity shines as she brings her experience of teaching back to life through the Lessons of Pete the Pony.

She desires that Pete brings smiles, joy, and positive life lessons to children worldwide.